Hosting services

At HENGA one of the things we do not compromise on is your security. We ensure that your web and mobile applications and website, business emails are free from any digital threats such as hacking, virus attacks, slow loading speed which puts off-site visitors. And further, ensure continuous back up of your database to ensure no data is ever lost on your site.

Managed cloud hosting

We offer dedicated server hosting, managed by our technical team. Enjoy faster loading time, better security and much more.

Backups and security

We protect your data with various security measures, including firewall protection, malware scanning and data backups.

Email integration

Giving you easy access to your emails by connecting them to the email tools and clients you already know and love.

Technical assistance

We can help run security updates on your site or help troubleshoot minor issues so that you don't stress about technical details.

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Pricing plans

  • Starter Plan
  • FROM KES5000/ yearly
    • Best suited for startups or individuals
    • 2.5GB Storage Space
    • 5 Sub-Domains
    • 5 E-mail accounts
    • FTP and database access NOT provided
    • Ticket-based support from our team (replies within 3 working days)

Best choice
  • Advanced Plan
  • FROM KES10000/ yearly
    • Suited for small companies and/or small e-commerce sites
    • 5GB Storage Space
    • 10 Sub-Domains
    • 15 Email accounts
    • FTP and database access provided
    • Ticket-based support from our team (replies within 3 working days)

  • Premium Plan
  • FROM KES20000/ yearly
    • Suitable for medium sized companies, large e-commerce sites and custom apps
    • 10GB Storage Space
    • 20 Sub-Domains
    • 30 Email accounts
    • FTP and database access provided
    • Dedicated support from our team (replies within 24hrs and on weekends)

  • Professional Plan
  • FROM KES30000/ yearly
    • Suitable for large enterprises and custom apps
    • 20GB Storage Space
    • 30 Sub-Domains
    • 50 Email accounts
    • FTP and database access provided
    • Dedicated support from our team (replies within 24hrs and on weekends)


Do you provide cPanel access to customers?

We do not provide cPanel access to customers. Our product is managed hosting hence our aim to take care of any hosting hassles or troubles that people normally face such as configuration and security issues. As per our hosting packages, we do provide FTP and database access should the client request it but again this is discouraged particularly for security reasons.

Is your hosting dedicated?

Yes. Your website/application when hosted with us, sits on virtual private server hosting that is managed by us. This means that we ensure loading time of your product(s) and their performance on our servers are optimized to global standards.

Can I configure my email with other email clients?

Yes, for all our website packages, we provide you with instructions on how to connect your email addresses with third party email clients so that you can enjoy using your email with the tools you already know and love.

Do you offer domain transfer or registration?

Yes we also take care of registering or transferring domains on your behalf. If you are registering a new domain, you can do so through us. If you are transferring a domain to us, we would need some necessary details from you and our tech team would cooperate with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.